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Our best asset is our crew. We only work with licensed, professional, and courteous plumbers. We always strive to hire people who we would want working on our homes. This helps us find long-lasting, quality solutions for you. We're looking forward to hearing from you. Call us today at 678-862-7758.

PlumbWise Office Staff

Marketing Director

Michelle M Marketing Director

Service Coordinator

Diana D Service Coordinator

PlumbWise Plumbers

President, Master Plumber

Kevin M President, Master Plumber

Service Manager, Master Plumber

Eric B Service Manager, Master Plumber

Project Manager, Master Plumber

Jeffrey M Project Manager, Master Plumber

Project Manager, Master Plumber

Luis G Project Manager, Master Plumber

Journeyman Plumber

Andrew M Journeyman Plumber

Journeyman Plumber

Mike F Journeyman Plumber


Jacob Y Technician


Jonathon C Technician


Jason P Technician


Tyler H Apprentice


Jesse G Apprentice

5 out of 5 stars
Total Reviews : 57
  • Absolutely incredible top notch service. Arrived right on time. Ran into a couple of obstacles (through no fault of their own), found solutions fast, the amazing crew work patiently for almost 5hrs, did not get frustrated or impatient. The Manager arrived as well and checked everything. Best of all, they cleaned up after themselves. They replaced water tank, expansion tank, PRV, all valves and installed new pipes. They were the only company from 3 quotes I had, who provided pan as well. Can’t say enough about their extraordinary service!!!!
  • Plumbing services completed are Basement Bath for tile shower, toilet, Basement kitchen, Dishwasher and Basement Sump pump installation. Also installed Gas connection for basement kitchen. Complete Basement Plumbing work from rough to final plumbing was taken up by PlumbWise. Eric and team work is very professional and prompt !
  • Plumbwise installed an LP high efficiency water heater just over 1 year ago. I noticed the water heater leaking just over a week ago. This was no fault of their own. Sometimes product is just defective. Initial estimate was 4-6 weeks for a new water heater due to the supply chain issues we are having. At best one week for an LP conversion kit and a Natural Gad heater. Someone jumped through hoops and got a water heater in two days and they replaced it the next day. All in all I was without hot water Saturday to Thursday. No cost out of my pocket. Miles and Tyler were very professional young men who did their job well. I’d hire them any day. Barbara was very helpful in all of this, always had answers, picked up the phone quickly. Very professional. If I had one disappointment it was there was no 24hr, weekend emergency service when I called Saturday. The office is open 9-5, Monday -Friday. It would not have helped me anyway. But I also appreciate that because that tells me they want their employees to have a life also.